Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why I started Quilting

I have always loved and admired quilts.  I think the beauty is when you look at it and wonder how long a particular area of the quilt took.  I have friends who quilt and I have been saying it for years that I would make a quilt but the whole process of it scared me.  So I stuck to my Doll and Bear making and Sewing Costumes for my daughter.

Then one day I was looking for a quilt which I bought off ebay years ago to see if I still had it and I found an old cross stitch which I finished off about 9 years ago but never framed.  I remember it took me about three months to finish it as it was one of the largest ones you could get.

                                                             THE CROSSTITCH

It inspired me to get my sewing machine out again and finally make the curtains for our house I was promising to make for over a year.  Once I had finished the curtains, I had that much material left over that I decided to make some princess dresses for my daughter and her girlfriend.

                                                             THE COSTUMES

And offcourse after that, I caught the sewing bug again and couldn't stop sewing so I decided to make my very first quilt to cure my sewing addiction.  But offcourse that first quilt only inspired me to sew another quilt and the rest I guess is history.



  1. Wonderful first quilt! You should be so proud of yourself. You should have seen my first quilts. I made one for each of my girl's and fabric was just scraps from clothes, mostly double knit. I had no pattern. I remember cutting squares and then cutting the squares into triangles. Then I made an applique center for each quilt which was a block showing each child's favorite stuffed animal. Even way back then, I loved applique.

    I had no batting, didn't know what batting was. So I used a couple of old green chenille bedspreads for the center and old sheets for the backing. Then I used the tying method to quilt the quilt. They were truly horrible and heavy and didn't withstand the kids using them or the test of time. I wish I had thought to take pictures back then but that was more than 30 years ago.

  2. Oh wow. I would have love to see them. You learn so much with the more quilting you do. It amazes me. I'm really enjoying it and the best thing is you can use the quilts for your home or friends and family. Love it. Wish I could sit with you and have an applique lesson though. Still not game enough to try it. Will keep experimenting with shapes for now hahaha. xoxox