Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The BIG Project

I found a picture of this amazing Quilt on the internet and I wanted it so much but it was $570US so I figured that's definately out of my ballgame and decided to make my own.

                                                            QUILT FROM THE SITE

So I really had no idea on how to do it but figured if I use basic mathematical skills with regards to shapes and sizes I should do ok.  I went to Spotlight and purchased all my material and started by cutting pieces into squares and triangles. and then it was all about allot of cutting, ironing and sewing.

And off I went with the sewing by starting in the middle of the quilt.  It definately helped by creating a graph first and shading in the pattern of the quilt.  Then it was a matter of following the pattern.

Now for the outer areas.  This was a bit harder because I was moving into rectangle territory instead of the square centre of the quilt.  The hardest part was matching the longer sides of the quilt and calculating how many squares I needed.  I managed to just pull it off.  Now from my experience I have learnt so much and am recreating this quilt for family members and hopefully it will turn out better than the first.  Quilting truely is a game of trial and error but so rewarding in the end results.

I am so happy with the reults.  There was a point where I just wanted to cry and almost give up but I struggled through.  I quilted it by sewing along the seams on top which is the simplest way to quilt your quilt.  I am only just beginning to venture into different styles of quilting.  It really is a wonderful quilt that I can be proud of and kept warm in the winters to come.


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