Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Friend's Avent Calendar

Well we started yesterday and what can I say.  With two little kids to look after under the age of three we didn't get that much done but we will continue on Saturday again.  I am very proud of Rachel who has never sewn before.  I ironed for her while I showed her how to use the sewing machine and she did really well.  I think once it is finished it will look beautiful.

This is the amazing piece that Rach is using to add her pockets to.
Purchased from Spotlight for $12.95.  The best Aussie store for crafts.

Rachel started on her pockets and stage 1 is complete.  The numbers have been sewn onto the pockets and now she is up to creating the pocket itself and get it ready to sew onto the quilt top.  Usually I quilt the quilt first and then sew the pockets on but we are sewing first and then quilting the inbetween areas after.

Here is Rach taking a break on the phone

And here is her first pocket

We managed to do all the numbers yesterday and on Saturday we will continue with the rest of the work and see how we go.  It will look great once it is all finished.  Well done Rachel. xoxox

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