Friday, August 19, 2011

Block 2 Completed

Well I must say that I'm learning more and more as I go.  It is definately not easy and every block is hard work not to mention that I am learning more about Applique and it's techniques as I continue.

I brought some freezer paper and starch so for my next block I am trying a new technique with those products and the iron.  Up to now I have been ironing my material freehand before I stitch it on which is still leaving sharp corners instead of nice rounded lines so hopefully I will break this cycle with block three. 

I really want to do a good job on the next block because it includes the bride.  The inspirational woman who created this amazing quilt and the one person none of us will ever get to know because about 160 years ago she created her very own bridal quilt and never got married to that special groom who was intended for her.

I wonder what happened!  My theory is that her groom might have got killed in the Civil War therefore never made it back to marry but I guess we will never know.

Anyway, here is my block 2.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Civil War Bride Quilt

Well I have challenged myself yet again.  Since I have strated Applique I have decided to go on a little journey with a dear friend of mine and create my very own civil war bride quilt.  I am loving the blocks in the quilt even though they are very difficult and I'm not the best at it but is still very satisfying watching a block grow.

Here is my first block completed.  I think that for a beginner I have done well.  Even though my birds look like dolphins hahaha.

 I am very proud of it and hope that I can do the quilt justice as I go along.  Now I wanted to share a link here to my dear friend Eileen's blog who has inspired me to go on the journey with her because If you think I did really well, check out her work on her Civil War Bridal Quilt.  this is her block 5 of her quilt.

And one more photo to share.  Here is the original which hangs in the American Folk Art Museum.  I would love to visit one day and see all the amazing quilts that hang there.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Applique for the Brain

Ok so I have finally tried it and just love it but I'm not really good at it.  They do say practice makes perfect but wow it is a full on new learning curve.

This is my first Applique which I have done freehand as you can see because it's not that neat but in a way it gives me that antique primitive look.  Kind of like if a 10 year old girl quilted in the 1800's hehehe.  But I was still very proud of my efforts.

My flowers are all untidy and It's definately not perfect but it will make a great addition to my sample quilt I have been working on for months.

This applique has inspired me to actually learn more and hopefully in time get better and better once I learn more techniques and go for it.

I have also now started an applique sampler quilt by using patterns from this great website.

Here is the first one I am doing and hopefully by the time I finish it I will be a professional hahahaha.  It's a start and I'm loving it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quilting Again, Or should I say Cushioning Again???

hehehe I am creating cushions lately and seeing how they will go in the buyers market.  We shall see.  I love them, my kids love them, my friends love them but will people love them who don't know me??? hehehe That is the question.  Anyway it's nice to be sewing again.

Check them out on facebook

Gingerbread House

While I'm on the spirit of Gingerbread.  Just a quick post to add some pics of my first 2 Ginerbread houses hehehe.  These things are so damn yummy they are a crime.  Allot of fun to make too.

And just to make me look hopeless here are some that I hope to one day be able to achieve.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I can't believe it's August

Wowsers.  I can't believe it's August and I haven't been back since christmas.  Since our house move I have been flat out and have not sewed since the huge christmas quilt I made for my inlaws.  I think a huge project truely cures you of the hobby for a while hehehe.

Instead I have been cooking allot because my husband and I finally quit smoking.  It's been three months and I have put on 5kg hahaha hence the cooking.  So if I annoy people with some special recipes for a while that is why.

Today I am going to make some gingerbread houses (little ones) just for fun because we recently made some cookies and they were so good my daughter wanted to make the houses.  Christmas in July we called it.

Anyway will us luck and hope you are all good.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Never Say Never.... Merry Christmas Everyone....

Well I didn't think that I would manage it but after a 17 hour straight sewing mission I did it.  I finished the quilt for my mother and father inlaw.  All that is left is to give it to them later this afternoon.  Christmas Day Australia 2010.

This is what I was up to on Christmas Eve morning.

And here is my progression within a 17 hour marathon mission to finish it off.  I am absolutely beat but so relieved and proud of myself that I acomplished the impossible.  Merry Christmas Pa & Pa Hill... Hope you like your christmas present.