Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Sampler Quilt - A Work in Progress

I think a sampler quilt is a quilt with different patterns all over.  Basically there is no basis that you follow and you can do anything you like and put it together.

Here is a link you can check out to other people's sampler quilts:

I got the idea from a dear friend in the US who makes amazing quilts.  Check out her amazing blog and creations.  She is one very talented lady and a dear friend.
I have started one for myself which I will work on here and there until I have enough 6 x 6 squares meaning six little boxes by six little boxes which make up one large square.  Here are some of my squares I have so far.

                                                                   FRUIT BASKET

                                                             UNKNOWN PATTERN

                                                                      ROSE BUDS

                                                                CHRISTMAS STAR

                                                              AUTUMN LEAVES

I found an amazing website with patterns for these particular squares and it is so much fun finding ones I like and putting them together.  Basically it's like doing several jigsaw puzzles.  Wish me luck.  This will be an ongoing project I will keep coming back to.

This is the site I have been using.


  1. I love sampler quilts and this one is so pretty! Wonderful job!

  2. hehehe you gave me the idea Eileen. With Todd's quilt. Hopefully over time I will make enough to make an interesting quilt :) xoxox