Monday, August 15, 2011

Civil War Bride Quilt

Well I have challenged myself yet again.  Since I have strated Applique I have decided to go on a little journey with a dear friend of mine and create my very own civil war bride quilt.  I am loving the blocks in the quilt even though they are very difficult and I'm not the best at it but is still very satisfying watching a block grow.

Here is my first block completed.  I think that for a beginner I have done well.  Even though my birds look like dolphins hahaha.

 I am very proud of it and hope that I can do the quilt justice as I go along.  Now I wanted to share a link here to my dear friend Eileen's blog who has inspired me to go on the journey with her because If you think I did really well, check out her work on her Civil War Bridal Quilt.  this is her block 5 of her quilt.

And one more photo to share.  Here is the original which hangs in the American Folk Art Museum.  I would love to visit one day and see all the amazing quilts that hang there.

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