Friday, August 12, 2011

Applique for the Brain

Ok so I have finally tried it and just love it but I'm not really good at it.  They do say practice makes perfect but wow it is a full on new learning curve.

This is my first Applique which I have done freehand as you can see because it's not that neat but in a way it gives me that antique primitive look.  Kind of like if a 10 year old girl quilted in the 1800's hehehe.  But I was still very proud of my efforts.

My flowers are all untidy and It's definately not perfect but it will make a great addition to my sample quilt I have been working on for months.

This applique has inspired me to actually learn more and hopefully in time get better and better once I learn more techniques and go for it.

I have also now started an applique sampler quilt by using patterns from this great website.

Here is the first one I am doing and hopefully by the time I finish it I will be a professional hahahaha.  It's a start and I'm loving it.

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